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White Label Generation Platform

White Label Generation Platform

We tender White label Recharge Software to the customers who need a replica just like an enterprise system but having low budget. Using our white label solution, you will have all powers and features of Recharge software, but with a limit to the customization. There are some little changes in our White label Recharge Software as compared to our enterprise Recharge System, but the end user will not able to differentiate.

We have designed our portfolios in a unique manner which provides a single platform for easy access and transparent business management, we are providing an application layer which provides guaranteed services, highest up time, instant transaction processing and best margins.

White Label Generation Platform
White Label Generation Platform

White Label Generation White Label Generation Platform

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  1. What is White Label Solution?

    This solution is a standard set of developer  portal which is hosted specially for you with your brand name.

  2. Why to use white label solution?

    It gives you an error free environment for your business and white label portal is managed by your service provider so you won't have to worry of maintenance

  3. Service included in The white label solution?

    We are providing following white label solutions,

    • Recharge
    • Travel
    • Hotel booking
    • Money Transfer

  4. Do I able extend my network?

    Yes, you are able to appoint a distributor and retailer under your channel

  5. How can create my brand name?

    You can able set your website logo and URL name as per your choice.

  6. If I purchase the white label than what will the process of backhand process?

    All back hand process will be done by us as per your requirement.

  7. Is there any difference in margin detail in white label compare to the website?

    Yes, there may be a difference of 0.10%

  8. What will the cost difference?

    Cost of white label solution is low compared to a website