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Digital Wallet Solutions

Digital Wallet Solutions

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It's Easy and Convenient
Pay with a single tap. No more failed transactions. No more waiting at the checkout counter.
Keep your customer and business information secure with our RBI approved digital wallet.
Nominal deduction on transfer to bank. Minimum Transaction Fee.
Off the shelf integration with leading POS platforms.


Is Future


    Can be issued as smart cards, magnetic strip cards, net accounts, Net wallets, mobile wallets or paper vouchers

  • Engage

    Tracking spends
    Lower risk
    Small gains


    Potential expansion into online payments would have a huge impact, wallet has quietly bought their mobile payment technology


    Seamless technology, a mobile phone, wallet and make payments seamlessly

    Business Network

    Our solution power your witness exponential growth of your business, with Digital

    wallet companies

    Among the pioneers in mobile money technology



    Digital wallet makes heavy use of encryption technology, Omni-channel engagement and E-commerce platform capillary technologies

Features and Functionality
Portal Functionality
  • Customer
  • Reselling agent
  • Vendor
  • Admin
Customer App Functionality
  • User creation
  • QR code / PG integration
  • Pay with QR code/Direct payment
  • Two in One

    E wallet Business

  • Cashback Discount coupons
  • Reports
Vendor Functionality
  • Registration form
  • QR code generation
  • Vendor A/C creation
  • Vendor to customer wallet transfer
  • Withdrawal charge setting
Admin Functionality
  • Customer Listing
  • Dealer List
  • Company ledger
  • Transaction and member reports
  • Admin charges and earning reports
  • Export/download to excel
Benefits For

Digital Wallet


    Manage and transact with any item that can be counted and unitized. And other third-parties using standards-based and proprietary protocols.

    Advance Admin Control

    Settlement of user accounts with external and internal agencies is achieved by regular production of multiport electronic banking files containing all settlement details.


    The business rules for a transaction have been abstracted from the transaction device enabling customers to use a wide variety of devices to perform transactions.

E-wallet Business
    Digital Wallet Business Platform

    Biztech modules to integrate with telecommunications infrastructure, financial institutions, and other third-parties using standards-based and proprietary protocols.


    Financial industry security standards are incorporated into the system to ensure customer confidence in using the platform.

    Latest technologies

    NUUP, QR Codes, Aadhar Integration, Bacon, Bluetooth LE, HCE & SE to advanced mobile applications.

Wallet Management Systems


  • What is the Wallet?
    • The Wallet is a service that enables you to pay for products and services from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. You can store your credit card details for safe and secure payments to your favorite stores without exposing your personal or financial details.
  • How does it work?
    • It’s simple: sign up for a Wallet and add a card; then use your card stored in your Wallet to pay for goods and services online.
  • Where do I spend the money on my Wallet account?
    • You can spend the money loaded onto your Wallet account for a variety of things. You can send money to or request money from friends and family. You can split bills with your friends when you dine out, collects money for movie tickets from your friends, remind friends that they owe you money and more! You can of course also use it to play with, select merchants online
  • Is Wallet safe and secure?
    • Yes. Wallet keeps your financial and personal data safe for every transaction you make. Wallet stores your credit card information using strong cryptographic technology to encrypt your card details and only stores this information in a highly secure data center. Wallet is also PCI DSS Level 1 v 3.1 compliant, which is the highest industry requirement for data security standards. We will never share or expose your credit card number or financial details to 3rd parties or merchants. All connections to Wallet are over a secure 256-bit encrypted SSL connection. Card details entered by you are SSL and TLS encrypted and stored in our PCI compliant environment.
  • What is Wallet Fraud Protection?
    • Covers 100% of verified unauthorized Wallet transactions reported within 120 days of the transaction. To be eligible for coverage under this policy, you must be a resident have a Payments account that is associated with an address.
      1. Auto Load (Facility) through Standing Instructions for Credit Card Account (“Card”) is offered as an alternate means for loading your Wallet Account.
      2. Under this Facility, the debit to your Card will be for the full amount as confirmed by you, the Wallet Account Holder, at the time of activating this service. Minimum load amount.
      3. Citrus Pay is only a facilitator for the service and is not responsible or liable for any omissions or commissions with regard to the acceptance of the Facility.
  • Why Should I use Wallet?
    • Wallet gives you the power to make payments on-the-go' instantly, seamlessly and securely, using the App, Web or even SMS. There's more!
      1. RBI Approved: Wallet is India's first mobile wallet that's integrated with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), allowing instant money transfer to 100+ banks and vice versa, using the immediate Payment Service (IMPS).
      2. Safe & Secure: Every Wallet transaction is password protected and guarded behind our advanced encryption, so your mind is always at peace while making online payments. Also, with Prepaid VISA Cards you can shop online without fear of revealing your account details on various merchant sites
      3. Cashbacks and Offers: Wallet keeps rewarding its users with exciting deals & offers from time to time in partnership with biggest e-commerce players in the market.
      4. 24X7 Support: We provide instant and round the clock support, if you run into any issues. Drop us a line at
      5. Services: Mobile/DTH Recharges, Bill Payments ' Mobile/Landline/Gas/Electricity/Insurance, Send Money in Bank, Send Money to Wallet, Gift Talk time, Ask Money &Talk time, Online Shopping, Gift Cards & Prepaid Cards. Additionally, we facilitate social money transfers so you can send and ask money & talk time over a preferred social platform like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc. for free using Wallet.
      6. Widest Acceptability : With over 15,000 online and offline stores on board; a network of 100+ Banks, 14,000 modern trade partners and 2,00,000 retail outlets across the country, Wallet is easily the most widely accepted mobile wallet in India.
      7. Brand Heritage: Wallet comes from the house of Wallet Services Pvt. Ltd, India's leading payment solutions provider for over 11 years.
      8. Adding Money in Wallet is Easy! : Use Debit Card/Credit Card/Netbanking/IMPS or pay cash at one of our retail outlets to add money in Wallet. As we said, adding money in Wallet is easy.
      9. PAYBACK Points to Money : Wallet has tied up with multi-merchant loyalty partner 'PAYBACK' to let all its users not only earn PAYBACK points while they transact, but also turn these points into money in the wallet, even if the points are earned elsewhere.
  • What is add money?
    • It simply means adding money to the wallet. Whenever you add money, we refer to it as "add money" and the amount you add reflects as your Wallet balance.
  • What does 'Balance" mean?
    • Your 'Balance' is the money that is available in your Wallet after all pending transactions, if any, are processed.
  • Why is it necessary to add money to the wallet?
    • Since Wallet is a prepaid wallet, you can make transactions quickly only when there is money in your wallet. So it is important that you add money in your wallet.
Digital Wallet Solutions

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