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Recharge Enterprise Solution

Recharge Enterprise Solution

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Recharge Enterprise Solution

The name of JBSL comes to mind when anyone thinks of the reliable recharge software development service in India. It is one of the leading recharge software development companies on a domestic level which aids customers with top-level mobile recharge software and API integration to leverage best ROI.

A professional team of recharge software developers have expertise in B2B recharge portal and all-in-one recharge software development. We are completely flexible to manage a conversation as well as our business with esteemed customers. We give importance to maintain healthy relationships along with tough working beliefs. We serve 100% to accomplish our each single commitment within a specified period.

The demand of users in the market for recharge portal development has offered huge potentials to fulfill the market necessities by emerging very competent and useful apps. For this, you’ll need to take service from nurtured experts who preserves the ability to build comprehensive online mobile recharge software solutions. Here you can come at JBSL with your customized needs. As the marketplace is evolving with digitization, you would find many vital features with JBSL mobile recharge API development which raise opportunities for your organizations to have even larger earnings.

If you dream to start your own business, then our ready to use mobile recharge portal is available. All you need to do is an expansion of your retailer network. If you have expertise in marketing or you have a good people for marketing, then you can easily deliver mobile recharge software solution to your retailer network. With this, you will definitely acquire the opportunities to earn huge.

JBSL is constantly updating their knowledge with the latest technology, so they deliver leading-edge services and solutions based on updates. Your business potentials are just one click away which aid you to create and cultivate your recharge and payment business with advanced technology.

Advance Admin Control Panel

Secure Multitasking Accurate Real-time Transaction processing system. With smart we have considered every single point of day to day work from user registration to user management,

  • Multiple User Admin Control Panel

    Group master

    Group master is used for create new group in your panel such as call center group.
  • News Broadcast This option is used to give the information on this information is scroll on the site So retailer gets information there.
  • Get Inquiry Directly in Admin If anyone does the membership enquiry form our front panel so we will see all the inquiry here and the give response from our panel.
  • Bulk Message Platform SMS send is useful for the send the message/information your retailer, distributor, business partner, and super distributor. You can also send the message other no you mention other no and information then press send button to send.
  • Bulk eMail Platfrom If you want send Email someone so you can send here as per your requirement
  • Advance Recharge Routing System You can set priority routing, multiple recharge API, Automatic as for you Requirement
  • Long Code, VMN, SMS number Receive sms cart optional to integration Multiple long code without any additional charge
  • Unlimited API Integration API integration is used to integrate the API of anyone’s API. Read all the documents of the API provider and create request format and set all the detail in the API integration menu.
  • Unlimited API Generation API user master is used when we configure any API you can done from here, User name: set the user name who purchase your API, User id: ser the user id who purchase your API,Password: set the password,IP address : set the server ip address who purchase your API, RelatedRT account : set the retailer,Status: set status active or non active
  • Offline Bill Payments Complaint type is useful select which type of complaint have you such as mobile, DTH, Bill pay, Bus or any other types of complaint.
  • Vartual Balance generation and distribution Self-order is used for put request of virtual balance In your admin panel. Order amount is used for enter amount.
  • Set charge any changing request You can Set charge any changing request
  • Security balace, or block balace. You can set the charge on all parameter such as change email address, balance check, sms password change etc. as per your business plan
  • Set minimum wallet request Minimum order limit is used for you set here how much amount minimum is necessary for purchase balance form your company.
  • Notification send to registered mobile number Notification send to registered mobile number
  • Create Unlimited Channel partners / Memeber Create Unlimited Channel partners For level Hire key, Distributor registration,Retailer Registration (4lavel hierarchy)
  • Set commission or margin for channel partners This option is used to you create a new super distributor just you enter a basic detail of the super distributor and you can also set the limit of super distributor create a distributor
  • Direct top up wallet to any member You Can Direct top up wallet to any member
  • Debit member wallet / revers wallet If wrong amount transfer by mistake top up transfer retailer, distributor, super distributor, business partner so you can debit from their account.
  • Generate unlimited White Label user This option is used for create white label channel here.
  • Member List Member list: - This option is used to total how many retailers currently join with you. You can see here and you also see the distributor list, super distributor list and business partner list. You can also the generate the CSV file.
  • Transaction List You can get all the detail of transaction list here
  • Delivery Report Delivery report is used for we can see the detail whom transfer top-up you can also export this report as pdf excel and WordPad.
  • Complaint Report Complaint report: - here we can see feedback which action take on the compliant and also we see which user take action on this complaint. We also find only pending, completed, under process and rejected complete as per our requirement.
  • Inquiry Report Inquiry report: If anyone put any inquiry from our front panel so we can see here which feedback send to the customer and who take action on the inquiry.
  • Success Refunded This option used for the transaction is successful but by mistake someone give it refund unfortunately so you can see here.
  • Offline Transaction We can get the report of all offline transaction report from here and we can also generate csv file or any other format such as excel, PDF, word file.
  • Recharge Transaction This option is used for you can check actual status of transaction by default all transaction hold status. You can also check the particular operator wise transaction and also you can check success transaction, refund transaction, operator fail transaction, system fail transaction and also you see refund transaction.
  • Demo Card SMS Demo card SMS is useful for you see the all receive SMS from here first of all select the service provide such as Videocon DTH and the select the card and select date which you want to see the receive SMS.
  • File recon action This option is used which euro net file submit you this option automatically recon all the action such as the transaction is success the system consider the transaction success or the transaction is refund it will refund automatically.
  • Other Recon Other recon action
  • Offline Transactions Offline transactions details
  • Complaint Entry Complaint entry is useful to put complaint of any kind of complaint such as recharge is not receive or any kind of complete.
  • Complaint Register Complaint register is useful for perform the action on complaint and give to the feedback on the complaint you also reject or accept on the complaint.

Latest Web User Interface

Secure Multitasking Accurate Real-time Transaction processing system.

  • Mobile Recharge
  • DTH recharge
  • Data Card Recharge
  • Postpaid Recharge
  • Electricity bill payment
  • landline bill payment
  • GAS bill payment
  • Broadband bill payment
  • Activate Profile
  • Topup Request
  • Account Info
  • Self Bank Master
  • Change Mobile No
  • Complaint register If the customer did not receive balance so retailer complaint register of from here all types of complaint put retailer here such as recharge complaint, DTH, Service any kind of complaint put here.
  • My Ledger
  • My Discount
  • Discount Matrix
  • Discount View
  • Operator View

Pricing Table of Recharge System

Basic - White Label

₹ 59,999
  • Unlimited User Creation
  • Integrated Services Like AEPS, IMPS, Bill Pay, Travel And Recharge
  • Web And App Both Platform
  • Highest Commission And Lowest Charges
  • Commission Pattern Set Up Panel

V10 - Standard

₹ 2,59,999
  • Admin Control Panel With Virtual Balance Generation
  • Multi API Supported System
  • Dedicated Discount Sharing Panel for Automatic Distribution of Margin
  • 12+ Business Report ( And You Can Add More )
  • Advanced Reconciliation Panel For Taking Care Of All Transaction From Anywhere + All White Label Features


₹ 8,99,999
  • 22+ Business Reports
  • You can add another Third-Party Recharge and Other API*
  • Service API Generation Platform*
  • Service API Integration Platform*
  • White Label Generation Platform*


  • My Software Gets Stuck and transactions Processing Takes Too much time » »
    • Yes Definitely this is a major Problem in most of the systems, but we have designed a independent Console which is multi tasking so there won't be issue for process freezing , if in case any time problem occurs due to any circumstances than the system will generate a notification to system an administrator and even in 99% cases an exception will be tracked automatically and in The worst case only a single process will be affected .
  • Tracking Of Stock VS transactions is too much difficult even credits have to manag manually » »
    • SMART Provides a complete reporting environment for every transaction viewing and managing, every credit and debit entry from your every resource, so you won't have to worry for credits and deductions , even system is capable enough to calculate EOD Accounting automatic . ..
  • What is the main difference between SMART and other Products in the market ?? » »
    • SMART is not a Software . It is a complete business management, ERP which allows to assign different functionality to different users based on their roles it provides a Powerful Front end tool as well a strong and Robust backhand tool smart can any number of terminals on a Single Server without stuck-up or lagging problem . It also allows you to integrate multiple servers with a single Processing system so you won't have to worry for management of multiple locations as well . with Smart you can generate White Labels , API's and a Cash card transaction system .
  • SMART is For B2B Module Or B2C Module ? » »
    • With Smart you can Manage your portal for B2B and B2C Both Modules you can also run B2B2C as well it also provides Payment Gateway integration Facility ..
  • Can i Use Lapu with SMART or API MUST ? » »
    • SMART is a Complete LAPU management tool with API integration Support , it also provides a custom interface to integrate any upcoming services to your wallet portal .
  • What are the benefits and scope of Virtual Wallet Business ? » »
    • Virtual Wallet is a Para banking business stream which is currently being violated by local level players , virtual wallet provides the power of digitization in your day to day transaction and gives you a cash flow for purchasing , It is India's highest growing field and most business groups are coming to these businesses . .
Recharge Enterprise Solution

Bulk SMS
Bulk mail platform Yes
Bulk SMS System Yes for B2B
Recharge B2B
Android APP Android Application with Market Listing
Lapu recharge Complete Lapu software Enterprise solution
Recharge API JBSPL EVD Base High speed API
Recharge Platform Recharge through SMS, Mobie Apps & Website
Unlimited Creation Retailers Distributor Super Distributors State Partner In B2B
Website 100+ selection of web theme
Dynamic Web Site Yes
Services All Mobile, DTH, Data Card & Post Paid Mobile Bills
SMS Platfrom Yes for B2B
Admin Panel Multi user Advance Admin Control with CMS
Wallet Wallet with Virtual Balance Generation for B2B
Customised web site Yes
Advance CMS Panel Yes
Mobile App Platfrom Yes
SEO support on setup Yes
Dedicated Web Platform Yes
Premium Theme selection Yes
Coupon Generation Yes
Dedicated Data Base Yes
VMN Virtual Mobile Number Dedicated VMN for B2B
Domin suggetions Yes
Logo Creation Yes
White Label Generation Yes
Api Generation Yes
Dedicated Resource Yes
Smart Lapu Platfrom Yes
Lead management Yes
Adword setup Yes
Adsense Management Yes
channel B2B or B2C any One

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  1. How much time it takes to make a Recharge?

    After receiving SMS on Incoming server number it normally takes 8-9 sec to make a recharge if there is no problem in the network other wise it will take maximum 11 sec to complete the recharge

  2. Is there option to B2C Recharge?

    Yes, if you have a payment gateway option then you can create B2C panel for recharge, just you have to integrate the payment gateway with our online portal.

  3. How can I make recharge?

    Recharge can be done in 5 ways:

    1. For Online user Login to your account and do online recharge.
    2. For SMS based recharge user can send formatted SMS from their registered Mobile number to make recharge.
    3. For IM (Facebook, GTalk, Yahoo) user they can login on their account and by chatting with formatted SMS format they can make recharge.
    4. For Android users they can download and install Android App on their mobile and do the recharge by using Mobile App.
    5. For normal The Mobile user they can use our WAP application for doing recharge by opening the WAP website from their mobile.

  4. How to get refund if customer not received recharge balance?

    Wrong recharge balance will be automatically refunded by the system against the SMS comes form the service provider, if no SMS comes from service provider then Admin can check and refund the balance to the customer against the wrong recharge request, there is also another option in the software if Admin set the refund time limit the after reaching that time recharge amount will be automatically refunded by the system against wrong recharge.

  5. Is it secure service for me and my customer?

    Our online service is totally secure by the programming procedure and without knowing password login is quite impossible so do not need to worry about SQL injection or any other type of hacking procedure. Our software is also totally protected by the security system and without knowing password no one can operate the system, so you can use our total Recharge System with complete peace of mind.

  6. Can we Recharge CDMA or Only GSM?

    Yes you can recharge CDMA service as like GSM service just you have to purchase one CDMA modem for CDMA service and the entire software will work in the CDMA service just like GSM service.

    1. What is e-top up? The e-top up system allows customers to purchase pre-paid recharge without the need of a pin or a scratch card. Main Objective: To offer a new virtual alternative way of providing prepaid recharge as a complementary mechanism for traditional pin cards or Point of Sale based e-top up method.

    2. What are the benefits of online recharge to the user?
    a. The user can get an instant recharge anytime from any part of the world from this secure platform
    b. The user can avail this service at no extra cost
    c. The user can access multiple service providers any denomination and any telecom circle recharge from the site
    d. The users can recharge while roaming anywhere in the world
    e. This is the new emerging way of getting recharged

    3. Is there any registration required for availing this service? Yes, to avail this service you need to register an by entering the required information correctly. Please note that once you have registered with us your name primary e-mail address and date of birth cannot be modified.

    4. What are the pre-requisites for this facility?
    a. The Customer should be registered with
    b. The Customer should be a mobile user/DTH user
    c. The Customer has a valid prepaid mobile/DTH subscription from list of service providers on the site
    d. To pay for the recharge the customer should have: an internet banking user ID for bank account or

    • an internet banking user ID for bank account or
    • a valid credit card or
    • a debit card-access or
    • a valid Airtel Money account


  7. I have never made a purchase online from The internet before. Is it safe? is a secured site which uses an industry security standard called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt your information between your computer and our website and verify that any personal information is not redirected. Thousands of Internet based transactions are secured every day by this technology. Therefore, buying online from us is completely safe.

  8. Will I be able to recharge my mobile/DTH immediately after registering?

    Once your registration has been successfully completed, you will be able to recharge your prepaid account immediately by choosing appropriate recharge on-line and ordering it.

  9. If someone else finds my account information can they use it to recharge more pre-paid mobile Cards?

    Your account cannot be reused without your authorization, we will always ask for your password. So keep your account and password safe.

    Also, for every transaction you will need to enter your payment details directly on the server of the payment gateway provider. does not maintain any history of these details and hence by having access to your account information alone a recharge cannot be bought

  10. When can i request for a recharge be invalid?

    A request will be invalid on account of following reasons :

    • Non subscriber ID/mobile number
    • If you recharge a post-paid mobile number
    • Subscriber ID/mobile number which does not pertain to the list of operators on site. If processed for payment the bank will debit the bank account for amount entered by you. However being invalid the request will be rejected by operator. Refund will be made to your account within 7 working days.
  11. What is a viewing card? How do I find my viewing card number?

    A Viewing Card is a credit card sized Smart Card which contains information about the channels that the customer has subscribed to. It can be found by pressing the home button on the remote control.

  12. What if I do not get any confirmation message from the operator?

    Once the top-up is completed, you will receive a confirmation message from the operator as well as a mail from In case on non-receipt of confirmation message please check the talk-time/viewing limit of your mobile phone/DTH Service. If the account balance does not increase please contact your service provider with the transaction ID provided on your email or contact us through the contact us page with the details of mobile number time and date of recharge, recharge amount and the transaction ID and we will get back to you.

  13. What if talk-time/viewing limit does not increase after the transaction?

    The same is possible when the subscriber ID/mobile number entered is either incorrect or invalid. If the subscriber ID/mobile number is invalid refund will be made to your account within 7 working days. In case you do not receive the same within 7 working days kindly contact us.

  14. What kind of credit/debit cards do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards debit cards, cash cards and on-line banking accounts. Please refer to the payment page for details.

  15. Why was my credit/debit card declined?

    There are multiple reasons why your credit/debit card may have been declined. Please make sure that expiry date on the credit/debit card matches the date which you have keyed in. Also please make sure that the billing address of the credit card matches the address mentioned in your account.

    Also please make sure that the billing address of the credit card matches the address mentioned in your account.

    Failure to exactly match any of the above mentioned information will result in a declined transaction. Please contact your bank to make sure there is no issue with your card.

  16. What is the CVV/CV2 / 3- digit verification number?

    CVV/CV2/3-digit verification number is for your safety and security. Each transaction requires that you enter your credit cards verification number. The verification number is the last 3-digits of the number printed on the back of your credit card. This number is for verification purposes only and will not be stored.

  17. How do I know if the system has charged my credit card the exact amount I entered?

    As the transaction is completed the system will instantaneously send you an e-mail to your registered e-mail ID with the transaction details. In addition to this you can see the details on our site by clicking on to My Account button.

  18. How can I change my password?

    Once you login to your account, click on the link My Account. Now click on the CHANGE PASSWORD button and you will be able to change your password by first entering the old password and then the new desired password. You also need to confirm the new password. Please note that your name primary e-mail address and date of birth (DOB) cannot be modified after registration.

  19. I forgot my password. What can I do?

    In case you forget your password go to our website. Click on My Account button. Click on the link forgot password and enter the required information correctly. Once you have entered the required information correctly and submitted it  if with your new temporary password will be delivered to your primary email address. It is advised to change your temporary password by clicking on the link given in the mail.

  20. How to claim for the refund in case of an invalid transaction?

    Please go to our contact us page and fill in the refund form given on our website and submit it. The refund will be made to your account within 7 working days. Please note that refunds will only be made after verification. Refund will be made in cases where the payment gateway provider has already debited your account but the recharge has not been done for one of the following reasons:

    • a. Network failure during recharge process
    • b. The Transaction is declined due to any technical error by the telecom service provider
    • Important note:
      • In case you have entered a wrong number or ID which is a valid number otherwise and a recharge has been delivered, no refund will be issued.
      • All the refunds will be subject to confirmation by the telecom service provider/DTH service provider for not having updated the talk time or validity.
      • For tariff related issues, please contact the service provider directly.
      • Any request for the change in tariff plan after the successful recharge will need to be made directly with the service provider. No refund will be granted in such a case.
  21. How can I change my account information?

    Once you log on to the site, click on the My Account button. You will be able to change your account information by clicking the Edit Profile button there. Please note that your name primary e-mail address and date of birth (DOB) cannot be modified after registration.

  22. Whom should I contact in case of any tariff related problems?

    In case of any tariff related problems, please contact your respective service provider on their customer care number.

  23. How to register at this site?

    To register at our website as a customer you can click on Sign up and fill up the registration form by submitting your Name, e-mail Id, Mobile Number, Address, City and pin code etc and click on proceed. Then you will receive your user name, password and RPIN on your mobile.

  24. Can I recharge any number at this website?

    Yes, You can recharge your any prepaid mobile, DTH and Data Card at our website.

  25. How can I recharge my mobile?
    • Step 1: Login your online account
    • Step 2: Choose login type as customer, Fill User name and password then click on Log In.
    • Step 3: Click on Recharge by Gateway.
    • Step 4: Choose a Payment Method Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking and EMI.
    • Step 5: Select your card type.
    • Step 6: Enter the Name of Card.
    • Step 7: Enter your Card Number.
    • Step 8: Enter CVV number (You can check your three digits CVV number at backside of your card).
    • Step 9: Enter Expiry Date.
    • Step 10: Click on Pay Now. After that you will be redirected to your bank's website.
    • Step 11: Fill your card information. Don't refresh and reload the bank page. After successful payment you will get your recharge instantly. You can check the status of your order in your recharge report.
  26. What to do If my account has been debited but not got recharge?

    In case you haven't received your recharge after successful payment it must got failure. We will add that money in your online Wallet. You can check the same amount in your online Wallet.

  27. How can I recharge from my Online Wallet?

    You can select recharge by wallet option and place an order for same or less than wallet amount to any number.

  28. Would I get refund for my Online Wallet balance?

    It is not possible yet. You can only recharge your number for same number or other number with wallet amount only. Refund for wallet amount is not available yet.

  29. Whom to contact if my money has been debited, not got recharge or amount not added to my Online Wallet?

    In this case you can contact our helpdesk We will check about your query with payment gateway. If found charged than we will send a refund request to payment gateway. The refund must be processed within 10-15 days, according to bank procedure.

  30. Can I do recharge by SMS?

    Yes, If you have amount in your Online Wallet, you can place an order offline from your registered mobile number. To place an order by SMS follow the procedure:

    • Step 1: In Your Mobile Go To: Message: Write Message.
    • Step 2: Type: [Operator_Code]space[Mobile_No]A[Amount] and Send it to: (Mobile Number)

Balance Check: Type: CB and Send it to :9044433555

  1. How to become Online Distributor/Retailer?

    can join us as our business partner. We are offering Single Sim Recharge facility to our business partner. If you want to start local business in your town or territory. You can contact us at or helpline number 9318771777.

  2. What is the Margin?

    We are providing flat margin up to 3% to our business partners.

  3. Whom to contact for any query?

    Any query related to your recharge or business query please send a mail to us at or helpline number: 02786641010