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Bulk SMS System

Bulk SMS System

solutions catered by JBSPL IT Solutions bear the unwavering signature statement of excellence that churns out measurable results. At JBSPL you are going to come across personalized as well as customized bulk SMS services. We formulate the content of the SMS materials exactly in the same way which is followed by renowned cell phone companies.

  • The capacity of managing your phone book or address book
  • Sending essential messages to an individual or a group with an equal ease
  • Scheduling the messages on the basis of time and date
  • The added advantage of incorporating your essential documents such as word files, note pad files, excel sheets or spread sheets etc.
  • The advantage of managing groups
  • The facility on API edge so that you can, you can put together your apps with great ease
Bulk SMS System
We offer additional benefits

We offer additional benefits for high net worth consumers with 1,00,000 or more credits

If you go with this consortium of clients you will be endowed with your own web oriented reseller panel for putting up promotional SMS for sale. At the same time you will be provided with some additional benefits such as

We value your honor and trust that you have bestowed on us. So we offer you the liberty to transmit 1000 SMS to your target audience in every second. With our affordable and consumer friendly bulk SMS services you will feel better equipped and in full control of the entire affair.

Let us give you a petite and quick snippet of the commendable features which you are going to enjoy from our end.

  • The capacity of making an outright sell of your own SMS credits to other consumers
  • The facility of availing a web based software program which will ultimately enhance your performance
  • Constant and unfailing support
Bulk SMS System

SMS Route
PROMOTIONAL SMS PROMOTIONAL SMS We offer promotional, SMS with effective cost. Promote your brand with premium SMS services. Stick with us for better prices in the industry.
TRANSACTIONAL SMS TRANSACTIONAL SMS Pass necessary information to your customers. Send Transaction SMS with lightening fast delivery with Biztech and get delivery on DND numbers.

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Bulk SMS Feature

  • Single and Bulk Text Messaging.
  • Bulk SMS directly from Excel with customizable speed & sender id.
  • Developer API.
  • Grouping Functionality.
  • Import of Address book from text and Excel Files.
  • Single click SMS delivery to thousands of numbers.
  • Customizable speed of bulk sms upto 25000/minute as per requirement.
  • Personalized Sender ID's (Up to 08 Alphanumeric characters).
  • SMS Scheduling (Sending SMS at a designated time).
  • Online Address Book.
  • Online Group Management.
  • MIS Reports.
  • No setup fees, No monthly fees, No hidden costs.
  • Fast Delivery to all networks Nationwide.
  • Free Chat/Email/Telephone Support.
  • Easy and Immediate deployment (Only requirement is an internet connection).
  • NDNC (National Do Not Call) Automatic/real time Filter to send ethical Business SMS as per TRAI regulation.
  • Premium High speed gateway available for priority customers like stock brokers, commodity etc.
  • Long SMS facility available on request (More than 160 Characters).
  • Unique Excel plugin to send sms directly from excel sheet.
  • Two way messaging using our Mantra Communicator.
  • Short Code Services available at 52525.
  • Long Code Services available at 9898089890.
  • Virtual 10 digit number available for economical 2 way messaging.
  • Premium Support without extra cost.


  1. What are the advantages of your SMS service?

    We provide methods to send SMS (messaging) one by one or in bulk. Low Per Message Cost, zero upfront cost and Fast Delivery are some of the key advantages of our SMS Service.

  2. Is there a limit to how many numbers I can send at one time

    You should try and limit the number of comma separated mobile numbers to approximately 100.

  3. What is the maximum length of an SMS message?

    Standard SMS messages may be up to 160 characters’ long

  4. How long does message delivery take?

    The average delivery time through our SMS Gateways is around 5 seconds

  5. How can I make a payment for SMS credit?

    The payment can be made through any of the available payment options like Credit Card, Fund Transfer or by Check/DD.

  6.  Are you charging any monthly charges or start up fees?

    No. It is FREE to register and you only need to pay for sms credits.

  7. Is there a minimum monthly purchase required?

    No, there are no minimum monthly charges. Simply purchase credits whenever you need more.

  8. How do I manage my contacts/phonebook?

    You can manage your contacts by adding them one by one or by uploading your contacts File.

  9. Do I get notified when my credits are low?

    Yes, you will automatically receive an sms / email alert when the sms credits are low.

  10. What is an SMS Template?

    You can create message templates to save your typing time. You can add a template by using "Add Template" feature of the Web based Control Panel or Excel Plugin Software.

  11. How do I view my sent messages?

    Log in to the web based control panel and go to “Sent Messages” tab. All the Sent SMS can be viewed here.

  12. Which all locations can deliver the SMS?

    We have exclusive SMS Gateway services  deliver messages to service providers in India. At present we do not deliver messages outside India.

  13. How will I know if the messages are delivered?

    It's important to regularly maintain your contact list to ensure that you are not sending messages to invalid numbers. We provide you with real time delivery reports with details of message sent and their delivery status.

  14. Do you offer technical Support?

    Yes, technical support is available through email and phone. We have technical staff available 24 Hours a day. You can raise a support ticket to notify a problem with our tech support team.

  15. Maximum character length of sender id

    A sender-id is a string of up to 11 characters. As per TRAI regulation maximum sender id length is 8 characters. Remaining 3 characters are used to specify the service provider and location.