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Bharat BillPay a One-stop access: Bharat BillPay has multiple modes of payment and provides instant confirmation of payment via an web, App, SMS or receipt.

Bharat BillPay offers myriad bill collection categories like electricity, telecom, DTH, gas, water bills etc. through a single window.

In future biller categories may be expanded to include insurance premium, mutual funds, school fees, institution fees, credit cards, local taxes, invoice payments, etc.


Different Payment Channels like Internet, Internet Banking, Mobile, Mobile-Banking, POS (Point of Sale terminal), Mobile Wallets, MPOS (Mobile Point of Sale terminal), Kiosk, ATM, Bank Branch, Agents and Business Correspondents.


Different Payment Modes enabling bill payments. The payment modes options facilitated under Bharat BillPay are Cash, Cards (Credit, Debit & Prepaid), IMPS, Internet Banking, UPI, Wallets, Account transfer & AEPS.



Eligible Entities who wish to offer or those who are currently in bill payment, collection and aggregation business, on-board web partners / agents and set up customer service points in various regions and locations.



Create your service points and customer touch points in the BBPS ecosystem available in the form of agent outlets, Business Correspondent outlets, collection centres, retail outlets and other service points.


Category of Billers in BBPS:

The category of billers eligible to participate in BBPS will be specified from time to time by Reserve

bank of India (RBI). The current categories specified are as follows:

1. Electricity

2. Telecom (post-paid and broadband)

3. DTH,

4. Gas

5. Water

Over a period of time other categories like insurance premium, mutual funds, school fees, institution

fees, credit cards, local taxes, invoice payments, etc. may be covered under BBPS.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is BBPS?

Bharat Bill Payments System (BBPS) is an integrated online platform developed by the National

Payments Corporation of India for utility bill payments. The platform provides an interoperable

service through a digital and network of agents i.e. bank internet banking, mobile banking and

retail shops for consumer to do a bill payment, at one place, Anytime anywhere


2. What are the utility bills I Can pay?

The categories that are currently covered in BBPS are Electricity, Telecom (Landline Post-paid,

Mobile post-paid and Broad-band Post-paid), Gas, Water and DTH. Gradually more categories

would be covered under BBPS.


3. Where can I find the list of Billers in BBPS?

The List of live Billers in BBPS can be found in the below link:


4. How can I make the payment for my bill using BBPS?

I. Connect with your agent login

II. Click on Bill payment or BBPS Tab

III. Choose the category of biller and Enter the bill details

IV. Initiate a payment and get instant confirmation


5. How do I know that my bill is paid?

A consumer/Agent will get successful transaction status and BBPS bill receipt in electronic/email/SMS/Print form.


6. Will I get a payment receipt after the bill payment has been made?

The consumer would get an instant confirmation and receipt from agent once the transaction is successfully completed, An SMS would also be triggered by the bank/non-bank.


7. How to know the list of entities with which BBPS bill payment can be made?

The below link would give the consumer list of entities which are live on BBPS:


8. How can I raise a complaint?

A customer/Agent can raise a complaint directly from application/ Website. There could

be two type of complaints

a. Transaction based complaint: This type of complaint is raised by a customer/Agent either for a

successful / pending / failed transaction. The customer can initiate a complaint either at an agent

outlet/ bank-channel or the BBPS website. Mobile No or Transaction ID will be used as a unique

reference number for raising complaints.

b. Service based complaint: This type of complaint is raised by a customer for non-transactional

issues Transaction based complaints will undergo validation at CU and biller OU levels


9. How can I track my complaint status?

A status will be assigned to each complaint, below are the various statuses and their description.

Step 1: Enter Complaint ID, Mobile No. or Date range

Step 2: View details and status

Complaint Status: Logged, Assigned, Pending with BBPOU, Resolved, Re-assigned, Escalate


10. What are transaction charges for a bill payment?

For an electronic transaction done at customer's own bank, there are nil charges. But for a

transaction done at physical outlet or bank-branches convenience fee would be levied



11. How to contact or approach in case of complaints and disputes?

Consumer must approach his own agent outlet or agent should a complaint on with transaction ref no

Bill Payment
Accessible Facilitate seamless payment of bills through any channel : Digital and physical.
WEB Bharat BillPay transaction can be initiated through multiple payment channels like web, mobile wallets, mobile App, POS etc
Standardisation Standardisation of processes for entire Bharat BillPay ecosystem.
Cost-effective Most cost-effective for entire ecosystem – Flat fee charge vs current ad valorem.
Interoperable Bharat BillPay will be an integrated platform connecting banks and non-banks in bills aggregation business, Billers, payment service providers and retail bill outlets.

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Live Billers as of 28th September 2018

Blr_id Blr_name Blr_alias_name Blr_category_name
ACT000000NAT01 ACT Fibernet ACTFIBER Broadband Postpaid
ATBROAD00NAT01 Airtel Broadband AIRTEL BB Broadband Postpaid
CONBB0000PUN01 Connect Broadband CONNECT BB Broadband Postpaid
HATHWAY00NAT01 Hathway Broadband HATHWAY BB Broadband Postpaid
NEXTRA000NAT01 Nextra Broadband NEXTRA BB Broadband Postpaid
SPENET000NAT01 Spectranet Broadband SPECTRANET BB Broadband Postpaid
TIKO00000NAT01 Tikona Digital Networks Private Limited TIKONA BB Broadband Postpaid
TTN000000NAT01 TTN BroadBand TTN BB Broadband Postpaid
SUND00000NAT02 Sun Direct TV (With Validation) SUN DIRECT DTH DTH
VIDEOCON0NAT01 Videocon D2H Videocon DTH DTH
APDCL0000ASM01 Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd (RAPDR) APDCL Electricity
APDCL0000ASM02 Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd (NON-RAPDR) APDCL NON-RAPDR Electricity
AVVNL0000RAJ01 Ajmer Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited (AVVNL) AVVNL Electricity
BESCOM000KAR01 Bangalore Electricity Supply Co. Ltd (BESCOM) BESCOM Electricity
BESLOB000BRT01 Bharatpur Electricity Services Ltd. (BESL) BESL Electricity
BEST00000MUM01 B.E.S.T Mumbai BEST Electricity
BKESL0000BKR01 Bikaner Electricity Supply Limited (BkESL) BKESL Electricity
BSESRAJPLDEL01 BSES Rajdhani Power Limited BSES RPL Electricity
BSESYAMPLDEL01 BSES Yamuna Power Limited BSES YPL Electricity
CESC00000KOL01 Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation (CESC) CESC Electricity
CESCOM000KAR01 Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corp Ltd (CESCOM CESCOM Electricity
CSPDCL000CHH01 Chhattisgarh State Power Distribution Co. Ltd CSPDCL Electricity
DDED00000DAD01 Daman and Diu Electricity DDED Electricity
DGVCL0000GUJ01 Dakshin Gujarat Vij Company Limited (DGVCL) DGVCL Electricity
DHBVN0000HAR01 Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (DHBVN) DHBVN Electricity
DNHPDCL0DNH001 DNH Power Distribution Company Limited DNHPDCL Electricity
EPDCLOB00ANP01 APEPDCL-Eastern Power Distribution CO AP Ltd APEPDCL Electricity
GESCOM000KAR01 Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company Limited GESCOM Electricity
HESCOM000KAR01 Hubli Electricity Supply Company Ltd (HESCOM) HESCOM Electricity
HPSEB0000HIP01 Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board HPSEB Electricity
JBVNL0000JHA01 Jharkhand Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited (JBVNL) JBVNL Electricity
JDVVNL000RAJ01 Jodhpur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited (JDVVNL) JDVVNL Electricity
JUSC00000JAM01 Jamshedpur Utilities JUSCO Electricity
JVVNL0000RAJ01 Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam (JVVNL) JVVNL Electricity
KEDLOB000KTA01 Kota Electricity Distribution Limited (KEDL) KEDL Electricity
MAHA00000MAH01 Maharashtra State Electricity Distbn Co Ltd MSEDCL Electricity
MGVCL0000GUJ01 Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Limited (MGVCL) MGVCL Electricity
MPCZ00000MAP01 M.P. Madhya Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran - URBAN MPMKVVCL URBAN Electricity
MPCZ00000MAP02 M.P. Madhya Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran - RURAL MPMKVVCL RURAL Electricity
MPDC00000MEG01 Meghalaya Power Dist Corp Ltd MEPDCL Electricity
MPEZ00000MAP01 M.P. Poorv Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran - URBAN MPPKVVCL URBAN Electricity
MVVL00000MUZ01 Muzaffarpur Vidyut Vitran Limited MVVL Electricity
NBPDCL000BHI01 North Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd. NBPDCL Electricity
NESCO0000ODI01 NESCO, Odisha NESCO Electricity
NPCL00000NOI01 Noida Power NPCL Electricity
PGVCL0000GUJ01 Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited (PGVCL) PGVCL Electricity
PSPCL0000PUN01 Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd (PSPCL) PSPCL Electricity
RELI00000MUM01 Reliance Energy - Mumbai REL ENG - MUM Electricity
SBPDCL000BHI01 South Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd. SBPDCL Electricity
SNDL00000NAG01 SNDL Nagpur SNDL Electricity
SPDCLOB00ANP01 APSPDCL-Southern Power Distribution CO AP Ltd APSPDCL Electricity
TATAPWR00DEL01 Tata Power - Delhi TATA PWR - DEL Electricity
TATAPWR00MUM01 Tata Power - Mumbai TATA PWR - MUM Electricity
TNEB00000TND01 Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) TNEB Electricity
TORR00000AGR01 Torrent Power - Agra TOR PWR - AGR Electricity
TORR00000AHM02 Torrent Power - Ahmedabad TOR PWR - AHM Electricity
TORR00000BHW03 Torrent Power - Bhiwandi TOR PWR - BHI Electricity
TORR00000SUR04 Torrent Power - Surat TOR PWR - SUR Electricity
TPADL0000AJM01 TP Ajmer Distribution Ltd (TPADL) TPADL Electricity
TSEC00000TRI01 Tripura Electricity Corp Ltd TSECL Electricity
UGVCL0000GUJ01 Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Limited (UGVCL) UGVCL Electricity
UHBVN0000HAR01 Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (UHBVN) UHBVN Electricity
UPCL00000UTT01 Uttarakhand Power Corporation Limited UPCL Electricity
UPPCL0000UTP01 Uttar Pradesh Power Corp Ltd (UPPCL) - URBAN UPPCL URBAN Electricity
UPPCL0000UTP02 Uttar Pradesh Power Corp Ltd (UPPCL) - RURAL UPPCL RURAL Electricity
WBSEDCL00WBL01 West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd (WBSEDCL) WBSEDCL Electricity
WESCO0000ODI01 WESCO Utility WESCO Electricity
ADAN00000GUJ01 Adani Gas - Gujarat ADANI GAS - GUJ Gas
ADAN00000HAR02 Adani Gas - Haryana ADANI GAS - HAR Gas
ADAN00000NAT01 Adani Gas ADANI GAS Gas
CGSM00000GUJ01 Charotar Gas Sahakari Mandali Ltd CHAROTAR GAS - GUJ Gas
GUJGAS000GUJ01 Gujarat Gas Limited GSPC GAS Gas
HCG000000HAR01 Haryana City Gas - Kapil Chopra Enterprise HCG Gas
INDRAPGASDEL02 Indraprastha Gas IGL Gas
MAHA00000MUM01 Mahanagar Gas Limited MHGL Gas
MNGL00000MAH01 Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited (MNGL) MNGL Gas
SGL000000GUJ01 Sabarmati Gas Limited (SGL) SGL Gas
SITI00000UTP03 Siti Energy - Uttar Pradesh SITI ENG - UTP Gas
TNGCLOB00TRI01 Tripura Natural Gas TNGCL Gas
UCPGPL000MAH01 Unique Central Piped Gases Pvt Ltd (UCPGPL) UCPGPL Gas
VGL000000GUJ01 Vadodara Gas Limited VGL Gas
ATLLI0000NAT01 Airtel Landline AIRTEL LLI POSTPAID Landline Postpaid
BSNLLLCORNAT01 BSNL Landline - Corporate BSNL LLC POSTPAID Landline Postpaid
BSNLLLINDNAT01 BSNL Landline - Individual BSNL LLI POSTPAID Landline Postpaid
MTNL00000DEL01 MTNL Delhi MTNL DEL LL POSTPAID Landline Postpaid
MTNL00000MUM01 MTNL Mumbai MTNL LL POSTPAID Landline Postpaid
TATADLLI0NAT01 Tata Docomo CDMA Landline TATADLLI Landline Postpaid
ATPOST000NAT01 Airtel Postpaid AIRTEL POSTPAID Mobile Postpaid
BSNLMOB00NAT01 BSNL Mobile Postpaid BSNL MOB POSTPAID Mobile Postpaid
IDEA00000NAT01 Idea Postpaid IDEA POSTPAID Mobile Postpaid
JIO000000NAT01 Jio Postpaid Jio Postpaid Mobile Postpaid
TATADCDMANAT01 Tata Docomo CDMA Mobile Postpaid TATADCDMA Mobile Postpaid
TATADGSM0NAT01 Tata Docomo GSM Mobile Postpaid TATADGSM Mobile Postpaid
VODA00000NAT01 Vodafone Postpaid VODA POSTPAID Mobile Postpaid
BWSSB0000KAR01 Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board BWSSB Water
DLJB00000DEL01 Delhi Jal Board DJB Water
HMWSS0000HYD01 Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board HMWSSB Water
MCG000000GUR01 Municipal Corporation of Gurugram MCG Water
UITWOB000BHW01 Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) - Bhiwadi UIT BHIWADI Water
UJS000000UTT01 Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan UJS Water