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API Generation Platform

API Generation Platform

API Platform

What Is An API?

An API -- Application Programming Interface -- at its most basic level, allows your product or service to talk to other products or services. In this way, an API allows you to open up data and functionality to other developers, to other businesses or even between departments and locations within your company. It is increasingly the way in which companies exchange data, services and complex resources, both internally, externally with partners, and openly with the public.

What Are APIs Used For?

APIs are launched primarily to give partners that are outside the company firewall, access to internal data and resources. But recently, APIs are also being used by more of the general public, including non-developers. As APIs' ease-of-use and popularity increases -- and as APIs demonstrate their value and deliver efficiencies -- many companies have begun to consume their own APIs to build internal systems, websites, and mobile apps using the same APIs that they make available to third-party developers and to the public.


In 2013, the number one reason APIs are deployed, is to support mobile development. While APIs can be used for commerce, payments, social, cloud computing and much more, mobile phones and tablets are the biggest driving force for providing APIs and consuming them.

Why Do You Need An API?

An API is the cornerstone of what is widely seen as the next iteration of business development, where having a well-developed API is poised to be the way in which business relationship are established and maintained in a online, 24/7 digital economy. A decade ago, businesses were still working to understand the importance of having a website for doing business. Today, businesses are beginning to understand the similar importance in having an API.

Whether your API provides programmatic access to information that is already on your website like company directory or product catalog, providing secure access to trusted partners, an APIs is becoming essential for operating in current markets, and effectively competing.

You currently put products and services on the Internet for your human consumers to access in the form of websites and applications. APIs are the wholesale version of a web presence, allowing others to access and integrate your data and resources into their public or private sites and applications.

API Generation Platform

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  1. What is API?

    Application Programming Interface, is a tool by which you can use any service of third-party Service Provider on your Platform.

  2. Why to use API?

    For your users you will be the service provider of that service.

  3. How it works?

    service provider takes care of all problems and manages your transaction flow and even arranges all the required resources for the API use

  4. What is cost of API?

    API costs some little technical consultation fees and keeps a very little share of your margins as a managing charge.

  5. How do I access the API?

    you can use the API to directly access your data and integrate your website account with other systems or applications.

  6. What are the technical specification?

    Our API have been developed to aid software developers with processing XML data and several schema systems exist to aid in the definition of XML-based language.

  7. What is new in your API?

    We have added REST APIs built on modern that supports standard base technology.

  8. In Which services generated API have been integrated?

    • Recharge