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Android Mobile App

Android Mobile App

The mobile is future of everything

Over half world population of adults use their mobile phone to make purchase decisions while they are in a store. Statistics indicate that by 2015 over $100 billion dollars in purchases will Be completed via mobile phones.

Today, consumers are looking for instant information and ease-of access to their products of choice. They want options for ordering online , shipping or purchasing locally. In three, years the demand for choice and options is going to be even higher, spurred on by the growing state of a mobile economy.

The market for mobile applications is growing at an exponential rate. $ 143 billion Total Market sizes, from mobile app of 2016. Experts forecast that app related revenue will rise 200% annually in the next 3 to 5 years.

With thousands of online products and stores to choose from, consumers are going to opt for the easiest, most cost-effective solution. If the future is mobile, then the winning companies will be those that move today.

The mobile is future of everything
The benefits of going mobile

The benefits of going mobile

Companies throughout the world vie for valuable advertising space and are willing to pay top dollar. Even in localized areas, you compete with other companies for newspaper ad space, television, air spots and other advertising opportunities.

The good news is that you can sustain targeted, high-exposure marketing in a cost-effective manner by going mobile. Statistics estimate that 87% of the world's population have a mobile phone. A growing number of that population is moving to smartphones and discovering the world of apps.

Other benefits of moving into the mobile market include:

  • Integration with existing software, sites and platforms
  • Ease of communication
  • Ability to launch targeted marketing campaigns
  • Ability to convert consumers at any time and on-the-go
  • Apps can contribute to company branding, and
  • Apps provides a vehicle for word-of-mouth marketing.

Inside mobility increases ROI

Mobile applications are not limited to marketing and customer service purposes. Over the past few years, there has been a growing trend in the development of applications to be used within the confines of business processes.

Some reasons to develop in-house mobile applications include:

  • A growing use of global workforce increases the need for fast, effective data and process sharing across numerous locations and platforms
  • A move to tablet computing in many areas requires in-house software to work on mobile operating systems
  • Fast-paced environments and competitive markets require business partners to have instant access to information, data and processes regardless of location,
  • Economic pressures require companies to develop cost-effective and more efficient solutions in all business aspects.
Inside mobility increases ROI
Top Uses for Business-based Apps

Top Uses for Business-based Apps

  • GPS software for maps, deliveries and scheduling
  • Social media marketing applications
  • Document research applications
  • Time management applications
  • Expense tracking applications
  • Expense tracking applications

Increase Cost-Savings and Productivity

A US-based study reported small businesses saw significant savings in time and monetary resources when they deployed app use in the workplace. The study estimates that total time savings from mobile app use was 1.1 billion hours a year across small businesses.

10Reasons to Develop Unique Application

While driving revenue and branding are popular reasons for building unique mobile apps, there are many other reasons companies should consider developing an application of their own. Here are 10 benefits that come from investing in mobile technology.

  • Mobile applications help advance the long-term goals of a company.
  • Strategically placed apps can improve staying power for a company, service or product.
  • In-house applications can answer growing communication needs.
  • A mobile application is another way to help the customer.
  • Mobile applications allow companies to expand proven models to new platforms.
  • Moving to mobile environments shows a willingness and desire to keep up with technology.
  • Mobile applications target a growing population of younger customers.
  • Applications allow your company to launch and test new ideas without impacting existing functionality.
10Reasons to Develop
Driving revenue with an app

Driving revenue with an app

Although revenue is not the sole purpose behind developing an app, any process that can pay for itself is an easy choice. Apps can pay for themselves through cost-savings, as is the case with technology developed for in-house use. They can also pay for themselves by generating increased revenue through direct sales, advertising or marketing potential.

Selling Your App

If your app delivers a unique service or entertainment value, you can sell it in the app store through Apple or Android. Most apps are priced between $1 and $10, but niche apps could be sold for a higher price. In order to generate effective revenue numbers,a direct sale app should bring something unique to the mobile world.

App Advertising

You may be familiar with Pay-Per-Click advertising revenue like Google's Ad words.Companies and individuals can monetize web pages without a need for technical prowess or marketing connections. You can do the same with a mobile app through Apple and Google ad impression campaigns

Increased Conversions

Most non-technology companies develop applications with an eye towards future sales. A large hotel chain may offer a free application that allows users to review rooms, see pictures of different locations and make a reservation. Such an app relies on the growing number of mobile users to generate additional conversions in the reservation space.

No matter how you monetize your app, making your new technology self-sufficient is definitely a high priority in a market where most companies cannot afford additional expenses.

Mobile applications

In order to generate revenue or see benefits from a customer-centrist mobile application, you will need a creative branding approach. Why should your customers download this app when they can choose from thousands more?

Even if your app is free, it takes bandwidth to download and takes up space on their device. The app must create value for the customer in order to provide you with benefits in the areas of branding and loyalty.

Increased Conversions
Provide Information or Service

Provide Information or Service

You can use a mobile application to provide added value for your customer. Service industry companies may develop a simple app that keeps customers appraised of appointment status. A dental office might provide an app that reminds a customer of theirs

Appointment. Even better, an app that integrated an anonymous appointment calendar and showed open appointments could help everyone. A customer looking to reschedule could just take an open slot on the calendar,saving time for the client and the office.

Provide Entertainment

A fun company may want a fun application. A local brand grill could provide a recipe and local trivia app to customers. Clients could access recipes by answering trivia questions about the city, company or local sports team. Each answer brings the client a new recipe, and a full game generates the recipes for an entire meal.

No matter what type of mobile app you developers, it should provide a service, entertainment or option that matches your company's services, vision, and values.

Stages in application development

Mobile app ROI depends on a variety of factors and is best influenced in the development stage for an application. Many companies make the mistake of placing technology at the forefront of app design, but a good development plan takes a two-pronged creative approach.

How we can assist your app development

Although mobile app development is not a mysterious science, there are some roadblocks to navigate. In addition to creating a strong development and marketing plan, companies must understand app store requirements. Applications created outside of these guidelines are often rejected from the store, making it almost impossible to get your app in the hands of consumers.

We can assist with all stages of your app development process, including getting the product listed in the appropriate app store. Both Apple and Android have different requirements and different operating systems. We are experienced with both models and can help you develop functionality in either or both spaces.

Stages in application development
Why Biztech

Mobile app development cost spans a huge range, so it is impossible to provide accurate estimates without knowing specific needs. Integration needs,the variety of platforms, and complexity of the functionality all contribute to how much time and resources are required for development.

Why Biztech

  • Experience and Knowledge
  • Quality
  • Competitive Pricing

Here are some things that affect the cost of mobile app development:

  • Does the app make use of existing technology, or is it a from-the-ground-up build?
  • Does the app require integration with existing in-house technology or databases?
  • What development services will you require? Do you need assistance in idea generation and marketing as well as design and development?
  • How extensive does testing need to be?
  • What platforms are you targeting? Creating an app that works only on the iPhone will cost less than an app that also works with Android phones and tablets.

For help answering these questions and for more detailed information about how much app developers may cost for your project, contact us today. We can review your needs and deliver a free quote on our cost-effective services.

Mobile app development
Do You Have an Idea!

Do You Have an Idea! We have solutions!!

All apps start with an idea. But there is a process to convert that idea to an app. We’ve completed nearly 1000 app projects in India so we can offer the experience you need - to make your idea come to life.

We don’t want just to release your app to the App Store. We want to see it succeed by generating more downloads and revenue. With a free consultation with an App Strategy Consultant, you’ll be able to see how you can make your app a success.

Mobile App Development

Biztech provides full-service mobile app development solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs.

We mainly focus on iPhone App development and Android app development projects. We also do apps for iOS, iPad, Android tablets and wearable devices.

Building an app is only a part of our process. We want to see your apps become success stories. Our App Strategy Consultants can work with you from the initial idea to marketing and distribution of the App.

The company team consists of experienced Consultants, Strategists, App Developers, App Designers, Project Managers and Analysts. Once we start a project, you’ll have direct access to a dedicated Account Manager who will work with you from the app design to the final delivery of the project.

While being one of the fastest growing application development companies, we understand the importance of keeping the costs low. With so many projects delivered, our firm has implemented efficient methods to deliver your projects with very low costs.

Mobile App Development
Android App Development

Android App Development

Looking to have an Android app created that makes a difference? Choose us for your Android App Development company needs. We use the latest methodologies to create innovative mobile apps for Android and understand your specific needs and requirements. Our unique android app development services with innovative features have been proven to improve revenue for various businesses and keep clients satisfied.

  • Dedicated support
  • Experienced project managers
  • Award winning portfolio
  • Latest methodologies
Android Mobile App

Android Mobile Application
android Mobile Apps JBSPL mobile solutions, JBSPL Android mobile solutions

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Android App

  1. What is mobile Application (App)

    A mobile app is a software application developed specifically for use on small, wireless computing devices, such as smartphones and tablets, rather than desktop or laptop computers.

  2. What is the difference between the Mobile App and the Mobile Website?

    The Mobile App is a native App that can be downloaded and installed on your compatible mobile device, while the Mobile Web Browser is a web portal that runs directly in the mobile browser on your smart phone or other mobile device. The native Mobile App and the Mobile Web Browser give you secure access to, to view your bills and your payment history, to manage your alerts and reminders, and to make payments on one or more accounts directly from your mobile device.

  3. Is my phone supported?

    Our Mobile Website supports the following browsers:
    Google Chrome on Android OS 2.2 and above
    Safari on iOS 4.2 and above
    Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 7
    BlackBerry browser on BlackBerry OS 6 and above

  4. Is the Mobile App secure?

    Yes. All critical information is encrypted in every transaction that is processed through the app and the Mobile Web Browser, and no personal information is stored on your mobile device. However, mobile devices do offer you the ability to store your login information for apps installed on the device. If you choose to store your login information, any person who has access to your mobile device can access your account.

  5. What features does the Mobile App have?

    The Mobile App gives you the ability to view your bills, make secure payments directly from your mobile device, view your payment history, modify or maintain your subscriptions for alerts and reminders, and contact us via email or phone.

  6. How do I get the Mobile App for my phone?

    Simply search Cleco in the Apple App or Google Play stores. If you cannot find our app, that likely means your phone is not supported - see the list of supported operating systems.

  7. Does it cost anything to use the Mobile App?

    No. The Mobile App is free to download and install.

  8. I have multiple accounts. Can I see them all in the Mobile App and in the Mobile Website?

    Yes. Once you've logged in, you'll be asked to select the account you wish to view. If you only have one account, the details for that account will show up as soon as you log in.

  9. How do I access account information from the Mobile App?

    Simply use your MyAccount username and password to log in.

  10. How do I find your offices and payment locations? Do I have to log in first?

    How do I find your offices and payment locations? Do I have to log in first?

  11. Where can I download the official Mobile app for iPhone (My Moodle)?

    The Mobile app, I Moodle, can be downloaded for free from the Apple Online Store

  12. How can I sign up for a MyAccount?

    Simply use your MyAccount username and password to log in.

  13. Can I make a payment on multiple accounts?

    Yes. You can make a payment on each account by selecting the payment option when that specific account's detail is displayed.

  14. How current is the account information I see in the Mobile App?

    The information you see in the Mobile App and in the Mobile Website is shown in real-time, so it's always accurate. However, if you keep the Mobile App or Mobile Website opens for an extended period of time, you should refresh the page by selecting a new option in order to ensure the information is still current.

  15. How do I get the official Mobile app to work for my Moodle site?

    Firstly, your Moodle site must be using Moodle 2.1 or later. Secondly, mobile web services must be enabled. See Enable mobile web services for details.

  16. Which is better: Native or Web-based apps?

    With native mobile app development, you have to build the same app multiple times so it will run on multiple OSes. But because native apps can take advantage of a device's features, companies often go for it. Developer mobile apps on Web-based platforms such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript is often faster and cheaper, and The device only needs to build one app to run across various mobile platforms. Web-based apps do not take advantage of the device features the way native apps can.

    There's another option: Hybrid mobile apps combine the best parts of the Web and native app development. Still, you may encounter performance issues, and because no mobile browser fully supports HTML5, support for hybrid apps across devices can be spotty.

  17. How do I build a hybrid app?

    You write the app as an HTML5 app and then wrap it in a native device wrapper. The HTML5 base runs inside the native app container and uses the device's browser engine -- instead of the browser -- to render and process data locally. The HTML5 base can be used for various mobile operating systems; all you have to do is re-wrap it in an OS-specific wrapper. Vendors such as Appcelerator have products that automatically generate those wrappers. Plus, hybrid mobile apps can become HTML5 mobile Web apps in the future without the need to rewrite.

  18. What should I consider before developing mobile apps in-house?

    There are some important points to keep in mind when developing mobile apps. Figure out what users need from the apps and know what your developers are capable of building. Decide whether you'll use a bring-your-own-device model or supply users with corporate-owned devices, and determine which OSes you'll support.

    You should also look into how much money developing mobile apps are going to cost your company, and see if there's already an app on the market that meets your needs. Even if the app isn't perfect, you can often modify it to accomplish what you need. Developing in-house applications are great for very specific business processes, but it can be cheaper and easier for volume purchase applications and deploy them to users. Once the app is done and deployed, listen to what users have to say about it and find ways to make it better.

  19. What are some key considerations for enterprise mobile application development?

    Developers can do themselves a few favors by heeding the following advice before diving into enterprise mobile application development. First of all, they should ask users what they want and need from mobile apps instead of just assuming they will like certain features. Surveys, focus groups and more can go a long way to delivering mobile apps users actually enjoy.

    Next, developers should establish a clear purpose for the app and integrate it into users' existing workflows. Don't make users change the way they get work done; just help them be more efficient. Developers should also avoid adding extra features just for the sake of adding extra features. Anything unnecessary will just make matters more complicated for users.

    There is also an opportunity to take advantage of what mobile devices can do. For example, developers can use a mobile phone's camera to build document-scanning capabilities into an app.

  20. What is push notification? How it works?

    Push notification is a feature to make the announcement from a given mobile app for a given device. It enables users to have a certain interest in the application in iOS and Android so that many mobile app developers consider it as a tool to reach the client. But, How it works? There are typically multiple App developer, each making one or more persistent and secure connections with Push Notification Centre. They are sending app's notification, though Push Notification Centre to thousand of devices on which their users are installed.

  21. What are mobile application development platforms?

    There are several mobile application development platforms today and a few are added almost every week. But from the usage perspective iOS, Android, Blackberry..

  22. Will an App enable to sell my products?

    Yes it will, with a good mobile app you can target your market directly and it will help you to develop business

  23. Do Mobile Apps actually have an ROI?

    Yes, Mobile Apps have an actual Quantifiable ROI. The key-advantage with apps can be reached  the consumer at a fun & functional manner, moving away from the traditional insensitive ways. But the key presentation metrics (KPI) need to be different from the actual sales. It needs to be measured in terms of reaching potential customers, getting a presence at the app listings, opening a communication channel with buyers along with the conventional sales paradigm.

  24. What is the difference between a native mobile app and other app technologies?

    Native App, Mobile web app and Hybrid App is the basic concept of mobile app developers in which more than 50% mobile app developer chooses mobile native app, so what is native app and other app? Native App - It is a mobile application that is designed in a specific programming for IOS, Android. It's designed for running on one platform, and can't run in the other. Example as a game designed for iOS won't perform on Android devices. Most of mobile game / app designed is Native App.

    Web-based app - It, designed by core markup language such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript. Web-based application basically is the same as one website - such as the interface, contents, functions and it all loaded from its website. An example is easily with image is:

    Hybrid App - Combination of the advantage of both Native App and Web-based Appp. It's designed by standard/core makeup language.

  25. Which platform is the best for my mobile app (android, ios, windows)

    All platforms are best put in now days android and ios are very popular it depends on you in which platform you wants to develop your app

  26. I already have a website do I need mobile app

    Currently in the world smart phone are becomeing most popular ever singl day, thousands of people join in mobile world so there are billions are now using internet in the mobile to connect large number of people yes you need mobile app

  27. How many times mobile app needs to update

    If you wants to include any new features or theme or any changes in future then it will ned updates

  28. what will it cost

    we would like to see the whole picture of what you want by providing all the contents, image, direction or even any similar app you want us to refer. We would also suggest you about integrating function such as Social Networking, In-App Purchasing, Sharing and etc, so based on the basic buckets of app types, here is our offer we've found that should help set some reasonable expectations:- App development cost depends on User requirements