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Why Biztech Ticket Tracking Software is Better

Everything is centralized in one place

When there are a lot of people working on requests, it keeps tracking of information far easier. Instead of remembering to CC someone on that email stream so that they know the history, bam. It’s right there in the ticket for that issue.

Provides built in tracking and reporting metrics

It is easier to determine whether someone is working efficiently since you are tracking information.

You can track things easier

Helps prioritize workflow

It also allows you to more easily prioritize workflow.

Adds transparency

A ticket tracking system is better for determining which departments/teams/businesses are receiving the most support requests so you can allocate your support resources efficiently.

Fosters collaboration

I don’t like sharing my email inbox with others but everyone can view and edit tickets in a ticket tracking system…

Ensures continuity

It’s easier to deal with reorganizing issues if a team member leaves, since you can just look through all the ones still assigned to them, and reassign as necessary.

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