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Money Transfer Remittance

Money Transfer Remittance

Your Business is just a few click away, it' easy


Mobile Money Transfer


Transferring funds is very simple and convenient

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Add Beneficiary
Do Transaction
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White label Solution
  • In Software Terminology

    White Label

    means a Readymade System with your Brand name .
  • Let’s Simplified a bit White Label System is created with deep research.
  • It just lakes your branding ready to hit growing
    the domestic money transfer market.
  • Saves huge redundant Development Cost, Time and Management with Solution sharing among the most common clients.
Features of Money Transfer White Label Solution
  • Ready Solutions which is developed by expert team of developers so, No Need To Hire Developers.
  • Servers are delicately managed by expert Data Management team So No Need for data Management.
  • Transactions are processed with Class edge so you can process up to 600 transactions in a Second.
  • No Need For additional Maintenance of vendors or Service Providers
Scope of activities of Money Transfer Distributor
  • Creating awareness about savings and other products.
  • Identification of potential customers and
    know how to apply for business correspondence in bank
  • Agency KYC will be submited by the BC for those who can

    apply for bank bca.

  • The BC agent will be authorized for money tranfer and cash withdrol through micro ATM
  • The technology used to distribute these services to retail is unmatched. We make our services available through our channel partners, using a variety of dispensation modes, to suit the budget of a Retailer.
  • Money transfer Distributor
    you can dispense services like Mobile recharges, Bill Payments, DTH/TV recharges, Hotel bookings, Broadband recharges, Movie tickets, Mobile Wallet top-ups, Airline tickets, Indian Railways Tickets (IRCTC), etc
  • Money transfer business software
    provides reliable and prompt support for all its services to its channel partners. Our team and customer service representatives are available round the clock to cater to your needs.
Scope of activities of business correspondence agent
  • A

    money-transferring agency

    transfers monies between two separate parties.
  • The criteria for starting such
    online money transfer agency
    varies by state.
  • Transferring agency. Requirement's often include, but are not limited to, a minimum net worth and a surety bond.
  • The
    domestic money transfer agency
    offers a colossal opportunity for individuals to become
    money transfer agent.
  • The online

    money transfer agency

    provides huge earning potential in terms of commissions.
  • money transfer business is very high resulting into huge profits for the agents.
Money Transfer API
  • API Allows to Use system features without creating or generating
  • Resources or Setting up Dedicated Environment to

    money transfer API provider

  • API money transfer

    Makes Shows Your Business Environment smoother
  • Entire system users to explore additional Services For same.
  • Advance management through Web Interface.
  • Money remittance API

    gives benefit of Cost sharing to Buyer as the Buyer avails all Service benefit
  • High commission Money transfer API
    and Utilizes Resources.
  • Same DMR API for any Number of Production Environments as well.
  • Fastest transaction processing capacity of 1000 transactions persecond, Best In industry

Pricing Table of Money Transfer System

Basic - White Label

₹ 59,999
  • Unlimited User Creation
  • Integrated Services Like AEPS, IMPS, Bill Pay, Travel And Recharge
  • Web And App Both Platform
  • Highest Commission And Lowest Charges
  • Commission Pattern Set Up Panel

V10 - Standard

₹ 2,59,999
  • Admin Control Panel With Virtual Balance Generation
  • Multi API Supported System
  • Dedicated Discount Sharing Panel for Automatic Distribution of Margin
  • 12+ Business Report ( And You Can Add More )
  • Advanced Reconciliation Panel For Taking Care Of All Transaction From Anywhere + All White Label Features


₹ 8,99,999
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Biztech brings to you an ICICI Money Transfer , an exciting Money Transfer Service in partnership with ICICI Bank. Now you can enroll as an exclusive ICICI Business Correspondent Distributor / Agent and change the way you do business!

Benefits for Customer
  1. Create preparedness approximately savings.
  2. Give advice to villagers, roughly how to save/invest maintenance and how to arrange/run loans.
  3. Help the villagers to way in the bank accounts.
  4. Collect take in the future applications, run them to the bank.
  5. Preliminary paperwork of assisting applications
  6. Help the Self Help Groups (SHG), to profit loans.
  7. Help the bank to collective EMIs and recover remodel child support.
Any person holding a Mobile Phone would be able to remit money into the bank account of a Beneficiary (say, a family member or friend), holding the account at any bank branch, across the country A Depositor can register 3 number of Beneficiaries
  1. Limit on Fund Transfer per transaction Rs. 5000
  2. Limit on Fund Transfer per month, Rs. 25000
  3. Minimum Transaction Amount Rs. 100
What do we provide?
  1. Regulations Approved Business Model
  2. Relationship with Banks
  3. Negotiated rates with Banks
  4. Settlement with Banks
  5. Technology for Mobile phone based money remittance Mobile Gateway
  6. Integration with National Payments Gateway
  7. Process & Systems for domestic money remittance


Who can apply for
  1. Non-Governmental Organisations(NGOs)
  2. Self Help Groups (SHGs),
  3. Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs)
  4. Any individuals
  5. medical stors and other shop owners
  6. Insurance agents
  7. Panchayats farmers’ clubs
  1. Community based organizations
  2. Cooperatives societies
  3. Village Knowledge Centers,
  4. Agree Clinics/ Agree Business Centers,
  5. Krishi Vigyan Kendras
  6. Khadi and Village Industries units
  7. Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)
Eligibility to become a Business Correspondent
  1. NGOs/ MFIs set up under Indian Societies/ Trust Acts.
  2. Societies registered under mutually aided co-op. societies (MACs) Act or the Coop. Acts of States.
  3. Section 25 companies.
  4. Retired Bank employees
  5. Retired Govt. Employees.
  6. Individual kirana/ medical/fair price shop owners.
  7. Individual Public Call Office (PCO)
  8. Agents of small savings schemes of Government of India/ Insurance Companies.
  9. Individual who own petrol pumps.
  10. Retired teachers.
  11. Authorized functionaries of well run Self Help Groups (SHGs) linked to banks.
  1. Individual member of Farmer's Clubs.
  2. Individual operators of Rural Multipurpose kiosks/ Village Knowledge Centres
  3. Individuals/ proprietors/ owners who manage Agri Clinics/ Agri Business Centres.
  4. Retired Post Masters.
  5. Individuals such as auto dealers, tractor dealers and FMCG stockiest.
  6. Insurance agents including of private insurance companies (IRDA certified) and postal agents.
  7. Individuals operating Common Services Centres (CSCs) established by Service Centre Agencies (SCAs) under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP).
  8. Any other individual considered suitable by the selection committee.
Money Transfer Remittance

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What is Domestic Money Remittance (DMR) Service’?
Domestic Money Remittance (DMR) Service’ means sending money within India. Under our ‘Domestic Money Remittance (DMR) Service’ , any person holding an active Mobile Phone Number (“Depositor”) will be able to remit money to a Bank Account-holder having an active Mobile Phone Number (“Beneficiary”), conveniently through the Customer Service Points (CSP) / Retail Outlets / Business Correspondent Agents (BCA) / Customer Service Points (CSP) / Retail Outlets / Business Correspondent Agents (BCA) / BC Agents, subject to certain limits. (i.e., Cash-to-Account remittance is being facilitated)
What are the benefits of Domestic Money Remittance Services to the general public?
a) Any person, holding a Mobile Phone, can remit money
b) Any other person holding a bank account anywhere in India can receive money.
c) It is convenient, cost-effective, swift & secure
d) No need to visit a Bank for depositor (sender) or beneficiary (receiver)
e) Real time SMS alert for both sender and receiver
f) Settled through RBI and Bank approved system