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Enterprise Blockchain Platform

Enterprise Blockchain Platform


Services offer
Digital Wallets
Digital wallet makes heavy use of encryption technology, protect digital wallets and multi-signature wallets to guarantee security with Omni-channel engagement and capillary technologies.
Fund your product ideas with Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) on various platforms. We can develop Contracts and Tokens are designed get helpful to companies raise money through crowdsales
Develop safe and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies for another digital currency or fiat money (USD, EUR, GBP etc)
Blockchain Development
Implement cryptography-based technologies to store immutable data. We can help you choosing which of your processes are suitable for this technology.
Smart Contracts Development
Scripting is an ability to atomically validate a transactions input or rejection of the transaction if an input has a chance to put the system into a logically inconsistent state Implement smart contracts to automate enforcement in RootStock and Ethereum.
Private Blockchain Development
Implement a private blockchain in your institution or corporation. A private blockchain network requires an invitation and must be validated by either the network starter or by a set of rules put in place by the network starter
Supply Chain Blockchain
Implement a complete supply chain on a blockchain to track the whole process in a single place. Collaborative Commerce enables trading partners to interact in a friction free manner, gaining deep visibility into their supply chain so they can make smart forecasting decisions.
Proof Of Existence (POE)
Create your own notary registry. We can license our document registry system built on top of the Ethereum for private or public blockchains. It allows users to manage and sign documents. Anonymously and securely store an online distributed proof of existence for any document.
Why US
Blockchain Platform
Infrastructure for public and permissioned blockchain networks Middleware with development and monitoring tools for enterprise-grade dApps Ready-made, cross-industry enterprise API suites
Optimized for Enterprise Deployment
Flexible, application-specific rules for consensus Snapshotting and archiving capabilities Existing applications, platform logic, and base protocol can be leveraged to streamline development of new applications
Enterprise-Ready Performance
supports a wide range of services with a single platform, Advance platform to digital business processing systems. Faster time to market, quickly develop and deploy blockchain applications with proven technology.
Deployment Support
Technical support for middleware and application developmentSupport and maintenance for our ready-made solutions
Lower and predictable costs
Lower and predictable costs with this technology improves total cost of ownership (TCO) and operational efficiencies.
Simplified development
Confidential smart contracts and applications may be written in TypeScript and JavaScript, instead of highly specialized languages.


Best in class Security Benefits
A cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption techniques regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, and that operates independently of a bank.
Authorization / Authentication
Depending on their role within the organization they should have access to different parts of system’s functionality. The set of functionalities accessible should follow changes in the set of roles
Role-based security
Role-Based security is an approach to restrict access to your enterprise systems, and keep your corporate data safe from cyberattacks. Ideally helps to keep your roles up-to-date, and keep your system secure.
Multi-signature transactions
Multi-signature (often called multisig) is a form of technology used to add additional security for cryptocurrency transactions. Multi-signature addresses require another user or users sign a transaction before it can be broadcast onto the block chain.
Data encryption
The Data Encryption Standard is a symmetric-key algorithm for the encryption of electronic data. Multiple encryption is the process of encrypting an already encrypted message one or more times, either using the same or a different algorithm.
Cryptographically strong proofs
Blockchains naturally allow creation and validation of cryptographic proof of facts. An information flow control (IFC) system that transparently incorporates cryptography to enforce confidentiality and integrity policies on untrusted storage.

Knowledge Base

  • Blockchain Innovation. Ready-to-go!
  • Blockchain's conceptual framework and underlying code are useful for a variety of financial processes because of the potential it has to give companies a secure, digital alternative to banking processes that are typically bureaucratic, time-consuming, paper-heavy, and expensive.


    Cryptocurrencies are essentially just digital money, digital tools of exchange that use cryptography and the blockchain technology to facilitate secure and anonymous transactions. There had been several iterations of cryptocurrency over the years, but Bitcoin truly thrust cryptocurrencies forward in the late 2000s. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies floating out on the market now, but Bitcoin is far and away the most popular.


    To have blockchain in commercial production and at a scale. As for blockchain technology itself, it has numerous applications, from banking on the Internet of Things. In the next few years, BI Intelligence expects companies to flesh out their blockchain IoT solutions. Blockchain is a promising tool that will transform parts of the IoT and enable solutions that provide greater insight into assets, operations, and supply chains. It will also transform how health records and connected medical devices store and transmit data.

  • Effective Modules
    • Pools
    • High Performance; Designed to be fast & efficient, can handle dozens of pools together. Modular & Flexible; Designed to be modular. Open Source Crypto pools available in market like BTC China, BTC Public Mining Pool, CKPool, Eligius, P2Pool, Slush Pool,, Jonny Bravo's Mining Emporium etc.

    • API
    • Application Program Interface As the name suggests it is an interface between an application and a program, effectively a means to communicate with each other for software’s. Well, the method of mining depends on what API do you want to use

    • Unlocked
    • Processes block candidates and increases miners' balances when blocks are unlocked. Blockchain is about bringing trust to transactions – success depends on transparency and auditability for supply chain participants Minining crypto-currency is getting harder and harder, especially for Bitcoin/Ethereum as the difficulty to mine a block is increasing

    • Payments
    • A Decentralized payment platform that enables users to send and receive payments in multiple cryptocurrencies. The aim is to create a platform that enhances the payment process by reducing the number of intermediaries involved. It is also intended to increase the regular use of digital coins. By using a Blockchain ecosystem as a foundation, payments are highly encrypted and therefore much more secure than traditional online payment gateways. Also, it facilitates global transactions in multiple cryptocurrencies between suppliers, distributors, businesses, and consumers, at a fraction of the cost.

  • Starting a coin
    • Preparation
    • Name Your Coin
    • Emission Logic
      • Total money supply
      • Emission curve
      • Difficulty target
      • Block reward formula

    • Networking
      • Default ports for P2P and RPC networking
      • Network identifier
      • Seed nodes

    • Transaction Fee & Related Parameters
      • Minimum transaction fee
      • Penalty free block size

    • Address Prefix

    • Genesis Block
      • Build the binaries with a blank genesis TX hex
      • Start the daemon to print out the genesis block
      • Insert the printed transaction hash
      • Recompile the binaries
  • Binaries overview.
  • Daemon
    • Daemon is responsible for any communication with the network
    • Mining
    • Interaction with the blockchain, e.g. Blocks relaying, getting info about the block, etc.
    • Peer list look up
    • Connections look up
    • Transaction pool information and relaying
  • Wallet
    • It carries out basic wallet's functions
    • Wallet creation Financial operations, e.g. Sending, receiving, checking for incoming transfers, etc.
    • Wallet also allows user to start/stop mining without a need to specify the wallet in the daemon.
    • In Crypto coin only the wallet knows about user's private keys and funds.

  • Processing payments (3rd party integration)
  • Payment identification
  • Cold and hot storage
  • Transfer payments through the wallet

  • Setting up a mining pool
  • In the context of cryptocurrency mining, a mining pool is the pooling of resources by miners, who share their processing power over a network, to split the reward equally, according to the amount of work they contributed to solving a block.

Enterprise Blockchain Platform

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